Sunday, March 29, 2009

the warmth soothes
the sting of hail
a bright sun's shaft
pierces the clouds
menacing and pale

this is morn
this is the spring
a time when birds
perched on their roosts
entreat all to sing

that bold month
that's life and love
a season full
belonging once
to the lusting dove
your presence splendid comfort brings
and mends my heart until it sings
but just as I so often do
I confuse air and water through

so when I have you by my side
and fear and passion both subside
I long for you though you are there
perhaps there is more of you to spare

a man towards the wind takes breath
and sees before his eyes his death
fancying himself a poor damn fool
for drowning in an empty pool

your presence overwhelms me still
and turns my thoughts against my will
to times that for me were pure joy
when you were a girl and I a boy
who can trust the wind?
she moves on a whim
without pity
without care
here, touching a man's soul
there, stealing his life away
a force of nature
touching all
escaped entirely by none
a curse to see
the world as itself
all sin, all despair
passing in and through
darkened thoughts
wakeful nights
solace seeking
finds more of the same
pushing further
toward destruction
visionary curse
humanity exposed
bringing disgust
and delight to point
a single exactitude
opening onto the condition
thoughts of Utopian bliss,
happiness vanish
smothered by surroundings
offering no repose
this is the life
an artist wins
the reward given poets
for open eyes
and sacrificed souls
abandonment and
infidelity awoke
boiling blood
a wretch's honest
miserable joke

what sordid and
wayward confiteor
causes man
to cause such pain
with such candour?

'wash with sin
birth to death
all of life are
interlude until
my last breath