Saturday, April 07, 2007


In every town there is at least
one obstinate persistent beast
that claims to be the "voice of the nation"
and promotes itself as a "publication"

This beast, it seems, gets all it's fun
from publishing columns and writing none
so that all may cry with exclamation
"What an unbiased publication!"

Yet articles that spill the ink
refrain from content that makes us think
and only with great effort represent
the truth, the Right, or the government

We would have joined this noble group
and left ourselves, and you, "out of the loop"
but we, never having been taught the trade
cannot condone such a masquerade

Instead, we've found that we belong
merely writing the truth and righting wrong
it's not as alluring as lies and lust
but perhaps with it we'll win your trust

That leaves us short some blandishments
and desirable sorts of supplements
like comfort, fame, and fortune for starters
and also avoiding the fate of martyrs

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