Sunday, October 01, 2006


I beg of you, winds, quiet yourselves
rivers, my Love do not disturb
in her slumber, let her take comfort
in her silence, keep company with Wisdom

When it pleases her, she will wake and rise
in due time she will come to me
she will show me the bounty of her love
she will guide my hand to her breast

Then I may embrace her forever
my Love, my sister, my friend
then we will lay together in the fields
among the lillies of the field we will lay forever

In peace and love we will be as one
embracing each other in passion and innocence
our desire, as a rose, fresh, and spotted with dew
possesses a fragrance more sweet than myrrh

I beg of you, passions, do hold breathe
desires, bar your flood-gates tight
let neither breathe nor torrent disturb my Love
till she is pleased to open the gates with her kiss

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