Saturday, October 07, 2006


I know that word
it echoes in my mind
terrorizing my days
filling my dreams
with nightmares
stealing my years
pushing my life
through the shadow of death

Does it really exist?
Or is it merely fiction
a phantasm upheld
a golden apple
dangling in front of the weary
tanting their faith
with a promise
of a happiness that doesn't exist?

Do I long for it?
Not as one who hates his life
but where there is no hope
it seems that only death
any death is better
than a life lived in vain
chasing the ephemeral
the illusive joys of the moment
and the touch
of one soul upon another

Does anyone possess them?
Some may say they do
I am not so sure
as great as my conceit is
That doubt weights down
that hope eludes
that death beckons
and the answers remain

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