Sunday, October 22, 2006


the light shines
in the clouded eye
just as sure as the sun

I'm waiting for
those clouds to part
to get a glimpse of it again

people say "enough"
but they'll miss the day
when the clouds will part
and the light will shine right through

when that day comes
I'll be standing here still
with my head turned up to meet it

the light will shine
and they'll all miss it
but I'll be here and
the light in my eye will shine out to greet it

Monday, October 09, 2006


You showed me life, Love
the sights, sounds and smells of Creation
and to you I owe
more than just the memories we made

In your eyes I see
a race being run on my account
On your lips I see
a whispered prayer for peace in time
a hope that endures still, forever

My heart calls for you
but goes unanswered often these days
it aches for your touch
but feels your absence anew each night

What is it in me
that tells me to give everything
What is it in you
that makes you all that I ever want
and even now, all I'll ever need

You showed me life, Love
that there is more to life than living
and for you I run
a race of my own, and look for hope

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I know that word
it echoes in my mind
terrorizing my days
filling my dreams
with nightmares
stealing my years
pushing my life
through the shadow of death

Does it really exist?
Or is it merely fiction
a phantasm upheld
a golden apple
dangling in front of the weary
tanting their faith
with a promise
of a happiness that doesn't exist?

Do I long for it?
Not as one who hates his life
but where there is no hope
it seems that only death
any death is better
than a life lived in vain
chasing the ephemeral
the illusive joys of the moment
and the touch
of one soul upon another

Does anyone possess them?
Some may say they do
I am not so sure
as great as my conceit is
That doubt weights down
that hope eludes
that death beckons
and the answers remain


I gathered my marbles
and got set for a game
I threw my lot
I played the devil's game

He shot out all but one
all I had was lost
and I was left with nothing
but to count the cost

He shouted victory
In the end it was I
who had tricked the beast
Everything lost in the try

But he fumes, perplexed
and stares in wonder
I gave my golden marble
to you
and tore his plans assunder

Friday, October 06, 2006


a night in a cold land
clear skies

memories to hold close
of life
of love

no time to be downcast
no time
to weep

no way to run away
no use
to flee
to hide

the Wind will carry home
all thoughts
all hearts
to home

and born to be but whole
are we
are you
am I

so kindered

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I beg of you, winds, quiet yourselves
rivers, my Love do not disturb
in her slumber, let her take comfort
in her silence, keep company with Wisdom

When it pleases her, she will wake and rise
in due time she will come to me
she will show me the bounty of her love
she will guide my hand to her breast

Then I may embrace her forever
my Love, my sister, my friend
then we will lay together in the fields
among the lillies of the field we will lay forever

In peace and love we will be as one
embracing each other in passion and innocence
our desire, as a rose, fresh, and spotted with dew
possesses a fragrance more sweet than myrrh

I beg of you, passions, do hold breathe
desires, bar your flood-gates tight
let neither breathe nor torrent disturb my Love
till she is pleased to open the gates with her kiss