Saturday, September 30, 2006


There is a mirror in every droplet
of water in the world
but never has one rendered a reflection
as perfect as it should

It isn't to rain's discredit
that its movement does distort
the image given to it
but gravity and it's nature
against it do consort

The picture of the mountains
majestic as they have been
since ages immemorial
are gathered eagerly by the mist
and then are never seen

Likewise the image of your eyes
so radiant, so blue
are gathered by your many tears,
hid by their tender pools,
and guarded by their jealousy
they blur both light and hue

Don't pity the tears, love
for their bend is not on greed.
The light that e'er they gather
though hiding your eyes from me
speak of you as of a creed

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worm said...

cool! like poetry..