Saturday, December 02, 2006

SAINT NICK - Trio of Clerihews

Good Saint Nick
was large but quick.
He dashed from house to house
as quiet as a mouse.

Santa Claus
deserves our applause.
For in the name of baby Jesus
he gives us gifts that please us.

Old Père Noël
does his job well.
He takes a trip around the world
to bring joy to each good boy and girl.

Friday, November 24, 2006


The darkness opens its gates
the iron sounds its strain
inviting the wanderers in
its lure the waywards' fate

I grow accustomed to it
the long walks in the night
with no warmth or sight
save on the moon's light writ

A chill of absence grown
down streets and avenues
through bitter stiffened sinews
is to day and sun unshown

It stalks me in the pitch
and beckons with the tide
to height, th'always alone to hide
pauper from the wrath of rich

Shadow lies a shade 'mongst kin
soul lies likewise atrophied
skin from its colour freed
I, like the night, am cold within

Saturday, November 18, 2006


If only for a moment
to see that smile again
to hear that silver sonnet
from her lips,
but until then

Monday, November 06, 2006


All over the world people live their lives
giving, forgiving, and setting strides

Only I stand here, watching it all
I look at them as time goes by
I see old men sleep and babies crawl
I see young men weep and mothers cry

All their love is spent and hearts are broken
as they guard themselves, leave it unspoken

Only I stand here, watching it all
I look at them as time goes by
I see boys at play and girls in song
I see some smile, some with faces long

All the ages past are just like this one
all gasping for breath 'neath the hot, hot sun

Only I stand here, watching it all
I look at them as time goes by
I think to my self "what is there to see?"
I stand and I stare "they're just like me"
"Am I really only one of them?"

All over the world people live their lives
giving, forgiving, and setting strides

Sunday, October 22, 2006


the light shines
in the clouded eye
just as sure as the sun

I'm waiting for
those clouds to part
to get a glimpse of it again

people say "enough"
but they'll miss the day
when the clouds will part
and the light will shine right through

when that day comes
I'll be standing here still
with my head turned up to meet it

the light will shine
and they'll all miss it
but I'll be here and
the light in my eye will shine out to greet it

Monday, October 09, 2006


You showed me life, Love
the sights, sounds and smells of Creation
and to you I owe
more than just the memories we made

In your eyes I see
a race being run on my account
On your lips I see
a whispered prayer for peace in time
a hope that endures still, forever

My heart calls for you
but goes unanswered often these days
it aches for your touch
but feels your absence anew each night

What is it in me
that tells me to give everything
What is it in you
that makes you all that I ever want
and even now, all I'll ever need

You showed me life, Love
that there is more to life than living
and for you I run
a race of my own, and look for hope

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I know that word
it echoes in my mind
terrorizing my days
filling my dreams
with nightmares
stealing my years
pushing my life
through the shadow of death

Does it really exist?
Or is it merely fiction
a phantasm upheld
a golden apple
dangling in front of the weary
tanting their faith
with a promise
of a happiness that doesn't exist?

Do I long for it?
Not as one who hates his life
but where there is no hope
it seems that only death
any death is better
than a life lived in vain
chasing the ephemeral
the illusive joys of the moment
and the touch
of one soul upon another

Does anyone possess them?
Some may say they do
I am not so sure
as great as my conceit is
That doubt weights down
that hope eludes
that death beckons
and the answers remain


I gathered my marbles
and got set for a game
I threw my lot
I played the devil's game

He shot out all but one
all I had was lost
and I was left with nothing
but to count the cost

He shouted victory
In the end it was I
who had tricked the beast
Everything lost in the try

But he fumes, perplexed
and stares in wonder
I gave my golden marble
to you
and tore his plans assunder

Friday, October 06, 2006


a night in a cold land
clear skies

memories to hold close
of life
of love

no time to be downcast
no time
to weep

no way to run away
no use
to flee
to hide

the Wind will carry home
all thoughts
all hearts
to home

and born to be but whole
are we
are you
am I

so kindered

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I beg of you, winds, quiet yourselves
rivers, my Love do not disturb
in her slumber, let her take comfort
in her silence, keep company with Wisdom

When it pleases her, she will wake and rise
in due time she will come to me
she will show me the bounty of her love
she will guide my hand to her breast

Then I may embrace her forever
my Love, my sister, my friend
then we will lay together in the fields
among the lillies of the field we will lay forever

In peace and love we will be as one
embracing each other in passion and innocence
our desire, as a rose, fresh, and spotted with dew
possesses a fragrance more sweet than myrrh

I beg of you, passions, do hold breathe
desires, bar your flood-gates tight
let neither breathe nor torrent disturb my Love
till she is pleased to open the gates with her kiss

Saturday, September 30, 2006


There is a mirror in every droplet
of water in the world
but never has one rendered a reflection
as perfect as it should

It isn't to rain's discredit
that its movement does distort
the image given to it
but gravity and it's nature
against it do consort

The picture of the mountains
majestic as they have been
since ages immemorial
are gathered eagerly by the mist
and then are never seen

Likewise the image of your eyes
so radiant, so blue
are gathered by your many tears,
hid by their tender pools,
and guarded by their jealousy
they blur both light and hue

Don't pity the tears, love
for their bend is not on greed.
The light that e'er they gather
though hiding your eyes from me
speak of you as of a creed

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


in a glade
in the wood
it is warm
it is dry
by a stone
with a nook
I collapse
there I lie
looking up
toward the clouds
seeing through
the trees' bows
a cloud passes
the sun shines
my eyes close
I lay still
warmth enfolds
sweet rest

Monday, September 25, 2006


time may change
and heart
and mind
the body age
decay and slow
but soul
it stays
and it is yours
yours to have
yours to hold

tongue may turn
joy to pain
warmth to cold
the thought away
from home
but still
my soul is yours
yours to have
yours to hold

guided footsteps
led astray
fled away
stumble past
will steadfast
and yet
my soul is yours
yours to have
yours to hold


O, that passion cease!
indellible curse!
drving me into the ground
subverting my will

still, when bridled,
when fitted,
what a race those passions run!
surpassing in virtue
reason itself

Sunday, September 24, 2006


on her guilded wings
as she softly sings
she flees from her beloved groom
her path unsure
his heart t'allure
so she fled him by the light of the moon

on his spited brow
sweat and sorrow now
as he follows his timid bride
his love for her
will e'er endure
though he himself would have longed to hide

in this sacred night
these two souls took flight
one to test, one to prove his love
yes this faerie queen
and her swift-winged king
played at love to the coo of the dove

'til by fate's degree
near the holy tree
her love caught her and held her tight
no, no more pure desire
could heav'n conspire
than these two lovers were granted that night


Twenty-two breathless moments later
confusion strikes again.
Why is it that only through
the pain of life
can one heart be made of two?

Forked tongues take the place of endless
struggles to find the truth.
All of a sudden we fall
and believe it,
that life itself is empty.

Curses for the trusted parties now,
and deafness to the cries
of one heart to another,
and to ourselves:
"Yes! All the pain is worth it."


silent in the night alone
ne'er a minute-mind giv'n
all to gift
bounty, leaven
no right bestowed
every grace endowed
single, separate
faith that binds


Today the world turned white
convulsing, it gave birth to new life
sighing, it told the story of man's existence
gazing headlong into the sun,
it revealed the meaning of all things
in the pools of it's eyes

Today the world was cleansed
falling, it carried the weight of guilt
rising, it shed guilt's awful burden
reaching for truth the unchanging,
it found the whole of the universe
trembling in awe of it

Today the world is new


Light no more the candles
those testaments to my existence
let them pass
as I have
from the world of men

Burry my memory
your rememberence of my feeble life
erase me
as I was
from the world of men


As I reach the depths of my soul
I come across an emerald valley
And look for a place to rest my head
For weary am I from my journey

I find amidst the flow'r-capped hills
And meadows ever gently rolling
A tree that shared my weathered look
There will I find my comfort waiting

Upon the ground, moss grown and soft,
The body I have nurtured now lies
And free from anger, strife and pain
Receives my loved ones' mournful cries